Burping 101

Burping a newborn can seem daunting especially if you’re worried about spit ups, the best way to hold baby, when to burp… The list goes on!

Below you will find my thoughts on some of the most asked questions on burping.

What is the best way to burp a baby?

There is no one method that is best for burping a baby. Each baby is different so what works best for them (and you!) can differ not only from baby to baby but also from time to time. Finding the perfect burping position for your little one will involve trial and error. Regardless of position, you will pat your baby gently on the back (not on the bottom) to aid in burping. Below are the most common positions.

Over the shoulder – I like this method because if your baby spits up frequently, the spit-up will go over your shoulder rather than on your clothes! Remember, his or her upper abdomen or stomach region should be against your shoulder for some gentle pressure to help with the burp.

Sitting up – This is my personal favorite because it’s easy to do and not so tough on your body. I also find this is one of my favorite ways to see the baby’s face when they’re done feeding as well. I love the sleepy coma look when they’re young and how alert they are looking around when they’re older.

Laying across the lap – This is my least favorite method as I think it leads to more vomiting in my opinion and also, I think it’s tough to see the infant’s face. It may also be a little uncomfortable to the baby as I find their body often feels a little resistant in this position.

How often should a baby be burped?

There is no hard and fast rule on when or how often a baby should be burped. Sometimes your child will exhibit signs that they need to be burped. Other times, it won’t be as obvious. I typically recommend trying to burp your baby in between breasts or after every few ounces of a bottle. However, if you find your baby taking in more air when feeding I would burp more frequently.

What are some signs a baby needs to be burped?

Absolutely! If your child is crying or fussy, not feeding comfortably, is pulling away from the bottle, or your breast there’s a good chance he/she probably needs to be burped.

What if my baby doesn’t burp?

If your baby doesn’t burp, especially after 10-15 minutes of trying, that is okay! Not all babies need to burp. If you are concerned about your baby not burping you can try infant massage or try walking around with your baby to relax him/her before burping them.

When can I stop burping my baby?

Again, there is no hard and fast rule for when you should stop burping your baby. Generally, when your child is able to move around more (sit up, crawl, etc.) he/she may not need to be burped.

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