Dr. Husain’s Perferred Partners

Navigating parenthood nowadays can be very complicated. Between reading labels, parenting websites, and listening to the latest trends, it can feel very overwhelming. Allow an expert in pediatric medicine and infant care to help! As a board-certified pediatrician and lactation specialist, Dr. Amna Husain is happy to support and stand behind companies that are validated by research and provide high quality to today’s parents.

As a parent herself, Dr. Husain uses these same products in her home and has negotiated discounts that she happily extends to families within and outside of her practice!

RiseWell Toothpaste PROMO code DRHUSAIN10 for 10% off!
100% safe and free of all toxic ingredients but still effective than most natural toothpastes on the market!

Yumi- PROMO code: AMNA35AA which allows $35 off first order (or 1 free week)
fresh, organic, baby food delivery service free of synthetic materials, USDA organic and kosher certified blends

Mindful Return-PROMO code MR25 for $25 off registration in the 4-week online Mindful Return program that helps new parents navigate the transition back to work after parental leave.

Ziggybaby- Customers can use the code HUSAIN15 at ziggybaby.com for 15% off their entire order until 12/31/2019

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